Environmental Sustainability

As a responsible corporate citizen, Austin has an obligation to protect and preserve the environment.

Austin works in an environmentally responsible manner and strives to continuously improve our environmental performance. Recognizing that climate change is an important issue for our planet, we mitigate environmental impacts of our projects by sustaining an efficient supply chain, reducing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and recycling waste where practicable.

Our efforts include:

Limiting pollution and reducing waste

Increasing recycling at our jobsites

Conserving water and other natural resources


Promoting environmental awareness by educating, training and motivating our employee-owners, clients, and business partners

Encouraging sustainable construction practices across our customer base

Green Insights

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Green Insights

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“At Austin, we believe in implementing and sustaining environmentally beneficial business practices as a moral imperative. It’s good for the planet, our communities, and our business.”

Bernard Hewett, Executive Vice President of Operations – Austin Industries